Rules in place for in-vehicle recording devices

Media Replies
15 Feb 2019

We refer to Mr S. Suresh’s letter, “Recording devices can protect disputing parties” and Mr Peh Qin Yun’s letter, “Allow inward-facing cameras in private-hire cars” (ST, 9 February 2019).

LTA similarly recognises that in-vehicle recording devices (IVRDs) can safeguard the interest of drivers. We have, in consultation with the Personal Data Protection Commission, developed and announced a set of guidelines to allow IVRD recordings subject to certain rules. For example, they must be tamper-proof and installed according to the manufacturers’ requirements. The accessing of recordings is only for investigation purposes such as in cases of physical assault, and subject to stringent guidelines rather than being left to the driver’s discretion. The guidelines aim to strike a balance between safeguarding the interests of drivers and protecting commuters’ privacy, given that not all commuters will be comfortable with having their every action and conversation recorded. This is why we have decided to only allow visual but not audio recording as a further safeguard. LTA may decide to allow for audio recording in the future.


Yeo Teck Guan (Mr) 
Senior Group Director, Public Transport 
Land Transport Authority